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Coaching for the busy Mother

Missing the Manual?

Relax, there is no perfect manual on how to be a parent and how to be child. To become a family is a process that develops in itself while dealing with uncertainties along the way. 

What is your vision of your relationship with your child?


Does it include clear communication, being authentic, exercising the ability to make choices and teaching your children to do the same?


Parenting is about teaching principles and living those values even in challenging circumstances.  Through this practice, we build better relationships within the family.


Each child is different, each family is different.

As your coach, I will help you identify new ways to handle overwhelming situations and support you in getting off the Hamster Wheel! 


Making changes to benefit you and your family takes courage.

Are you ready to invest in your vision?

Creating a meaningful journey!

At every stage of your child’s development, there can be times when your childhood hurts bubble to the surface.  Here is an opportunity to work on yourself and develop a different outcome by letting go of the past and creating a new future for you and your child.

We often get stuck and fall into the patterns of how we were parented, but you can choose a different outcome. 


You can stop an argument when you see that nothing fruitful will come out of it. – You can stop power struggles where no one is truly heard or respected. I work with tools that empower you to become aware of these traps and step out of them. 

There is wonder and joy in providing a safe environment where your children can explore who they are as they grow. – That gift is repaid over and over as you watch them find their own unique way of learning and offer them the freedom to explore the possibilities opening up before them.


How rewarding it is to watch them develop the ability to handle the challenges of friendships, take on small and then bigger responsibilities, and reap the benefits of being able to communicate clearly and respectfully?

Connect with me to see what tools and programs I have available to make parenting an empowered, rewarding experience.
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Sandwich Generation

Making the 'sandwich' work for you and your loved ones.

It is possible to refocus your life and step out of the Hamster Wheel of stress created by being 'sandwiched ' between the generations - all looking for your time and attention.

How does one create a family life that acknowledges a variety of needs and supports everyone? What is necessary to redefine your relationships with your loved ones?

There are so many different aspects that invite the Hamster Wheel into our lives as worrying thoughts and uncertainty fill our minds and hearts. – The adjustment of changing roles from being a daughter to being a mom, to being a parent to your mom and your child, it can make the Hamster Wheel spin faster and faster.

I work with my clients to explore and redefine these connections. We will expand the possibility of making choices (even complex ones) without guilt or frustration. I provide tools to make your life easier, to re-establish deeper heart connections between the generations. Creating a space of less stress allows the whole family to thrive.

Together let’s tune in and create practical ways of living that deal with the complexities in these relationships.

The Sandwich Generation?

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