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Hi, I'm Daniela!

How I Work

My journey as a mother includes being myself, a single mom, and a working mom. I have been a parent representative at my daughter's school for a few years.  In addition, I actively mentor my ninety-plus year-old mom to enjoy a full and meaningful life while living with the challenges of aging.     


Before I had my daughter,  I was unaware that I had choices to stand up for myself and make decisions on my behalf. I lived my life unconsciously exercising other people's choices as if they were my own. – Feeling trapped and exhausted, I realized that unless I made a conscious choice to leave old patterns behind, I would not be able to become the mother I envisioned.  


Surprisingly, when my child was born, I intuitively knew how to initiate those changes and go in a new direction to fulfill my vision. – I searched, found, and attended programs to learn about change and about becoming present in my life.  This search asked me to question my thoughts and judgments to determine if they were true for me. – I gained tools to help me to let go of old patterns, to enhance my relationship with my daughter, develop new ways to relate to my family and the larger world.

An unexpected benefit of this decision was how it touched my mom. Seeing the closeness between my daughter and myself enabled her to dare leaving her old patterns, to open to engaging in a deeper relationship with us which includes a sincere heart connection.  


Like you, I am committed to my child and those whom I love.  I have a passion to help moms find success in dealing with the overwhelming reality of parenting and what it asks of us.  It is possible to find the path to a sincere and deep relationship with those you love.

"Children need parents who are willing to grow with their children." Jesper Juul's quote is the mantra I embrace and strive to embody.

Why not start your journey today?  I am here to support you!

I help mothers to get off the Hamster Wheel by offering support and guidance through coaching and facilitation.

We can start with an area of your life (like parenting) that is not fulfilling, lacks ease or where you feel stuck. It could be something specific or a general desire to improve your understanding of parenting – the most important part is to recognize that to change your circumstances you must change yourself. With your dedicated commitment, together we can find the motivation to sustain you in reaching your goal.

Together we will clarify in which direction you would like to move and , identify a reasonable path to that goal, and establish an alternative way of handling life so you can step off your Hamster Wheel into the life that is calling you. 

Visit my sessions page and feel free to contact me to clarify anything. I am here to support you!


Daniela Schmidt - Parent Coach & support



What is Family-Lab?

FamilyLab aims to improve the psychosocial health and well-being of today’s and tomorrow’s parents & children. There is a rich variety of families who want to create healthy relationships without violence and abuse of neither adults nor children and youth.

Our vision is for families, institutions, and societies to have much less violence, abuse, addiction, and neglect. We want to inspire and mobilize existing goodwill, love, and commitment within families, organizations as well as society at large.

Jesper Juul
Access Conciousness
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